Map to Home – Step Two

So I got to work a little early today and I checked my websites and things and guess what?  It was Squidoo payday!  And I received a little over $5!  Don’t really think that will help much!  Last year I was making close to $100 a month from Squidoo!  So that’s one thing I need […]


Map To Home Step One

Wow – I can’t believe how much I let myself get sidetracked from this blog and my goals!  I went from stay at home mom, to working full time mom, to having a baby, to now buying a house (I hope) – it’s been crazy!  And I let myself get sidetracked on several issues other than […]

Week One with Bring the Fresh

In case you’re new, I’m going through step by step Bring the Fresh 2012 by Mike Long and Kelly Felix and showing you how it works.  You will also want to visit my website Bring the Fresh Way which is my affiliate site (and a site I set up using the Bring the Fresh principles) […]

Bring the Fresh

I had heard about Bring the Fresh by Kelly Felix and Mike Long several years ago and was very interested, but also very broke, so I let the opportunity pass. Then recently they released a new version – Bring the Fresh 2012 and offered a great WSO (Warrior Special Offer) that I couldn’t refuse – […]

How To Increase Your Product Value by Adding Audio Recordings

Somewhere along the line you may have learned that people have various styles of learning.  When you as a business person are able to appeal to more than one method of learning you not only make it easier for your clients to benefit from your products, you also demonstrate a desire to communicate effectively with […]

Now is the Perfect Time To Start A Home Based Business

If you haven’t already started a home business, or if you’ve put your business on the backburner, now is the perfect time to start (or restart) your home based business. The poor economy makes it even more vitally important for you and your family to have an additional source of income. It seems like every […]

How To Succeed in Business

Do you want success in your business or do you want failure?  At first it sounds like a ridiculous question, but seriously – have you actually thought about that question.  Do you want to succeed?  If your answer is anything but “YES!” then you have some work to do.  Some of you out there said […]

PLR ATM is Coming!

Okay, so it’s not very often that I really encourage my readers to purchase one of those e-books or courses online.  Truth be told, a lot of the stuff that is out there isn’t even worth downloading if it were free!  But one of my favorite marketing coaches is coming out with a new online […]

What Kind of Home Based Business Is Right For You?

Choosing the right home business will have a serious impact on your success.  But how do you know which home based business is the right one for you?  If you have a lot of money and time to waste, just go ahead and jump right on in the first thing that pops in your head!  […]

Finding a Target Niche for Your Information Products

Before you begin selling information products on the Internet, you want to make sure you’ve selected a target niche that will be profitable for you both in the short-term and the long-term. Your target niche is simply the audience that you want to focus your efforts on. Can Any Niche Be Profitable? Not all niches […]

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