Make a Profit Selling Information Online

When the Internet came about to connect billions of users from all over the world, a business opportunity was born based on the insatiable appetite of consumers.  When people go online, it’s information that they’re seeking above all else. Some information comes in the form of free content on websites, or through emails getting passed […]

Residual Income – A Stay At Home Moms Best Friend

I had mentioned in my last post how the best way to secure a stay at home income that will provide for the entire family was through residual income. What is Residual Income? For the purposes of a stay at home mom, residual income is income that continues to flow in even after the initial […]

Benefits Of An Intern For Your Podcast

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing information mediums on the Internet.  A relatively new method of communication, the podcast has become a favorite of many an Internet entrepreneur.  Some large companies have also seen the benefits of podcasting and started doing it themselves. Podcasts are easy to distribute, and listeners can access them almost […]

Five Things You Can Learn From A Virtual Assistant

Most virtual assistants perform all sorts of tasks.  They can handle correspondence, do web design, write blog posts, take care of scheduling, and much more.  Each VA brings her own unique set of skills to the table, but she is almost always multitalented. Aspiring administrative professionals can benefit tremendously by being an intern for a […]

Ten Benefits Of An Intern For An Internet Marketing Business

The term “internship” brings to mind images of a young college student making copies, digging through filing cabinets, and sending faxes.  While this is the case with some companies, there are many more things an intern can do.  If you have an Internet marketing business, an intern can be a great asset. There are lots […]

Being An Intern Can Boost Your Own Business

Internships are commonly associated with college students.  They become interns to earn college credit and to gain experience that will help them start their careers once they have graduated.  But did you know that more and more small business owners are expressing an interest in becoming interns? It may sound strange, but it really makes […]

Ways to Find An Intern Position

Finding a job can be a daunting task.  Job seekers often become overwhelmed in a world of resumes, interviews, and waiting by the phone.  It’s often assumed that finding an internship would be a major challenge as well, and for that reason, many people do not even try. The truth is, finding an internship might […]

Offer Your Services As An Intern

Up to now, we’ve been talking about ways that having an intern can benefit your business.  But you can also help your business by actually being an intern as well. It is a great way to gain experience and credibility in your field. One way to gain experience is to offer your services as an […]

Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business With An Intern

Virtual assistants are business owners who provide support to other business owners.  Each VA has her own set of skills, but most offer a variety of services for the convenience of their clients.  This keeps things interesting, but sometimes it also creates a need for some extra help. Hiring an intern is a great way […]

Ten Qualities To Look For In An Intern

Searching for an intern is more difficult than one might imagine.  Finding the right one for your business is just as important as carefully selecting your employees.  And if you’re hiring your intern for a short-term project, it’s especially important to find someone who can jump in and get the job done. Following are some […]

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